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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids are called such because they are ‘essential to life’. The body does not produce these EFA’s on its own and they must be consumed from food sources. Most people don’t get enough of these essential fats from their diet so supplementation is key. The most common EFA that we hear about are omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Fish oil is the most studied natural health supplement in the world and has been shown to be effective for treating everything from arthritis to depression.

Renew Life Norwegian Gold fish oils provide specialized formulas that surpass international standards for purity, potency and freshness. They are designed with optimal digestion in mind and are the only fish oils on the market that combine enteric coating and Lipase, the fat digesting enzyme. This delivers 3X better absorption than non-coated fish oil capsules and ensures no fishy after-taste. All Norwegian Gold fish oils are encapsulated in fish gelatin capsules making them ideal for fish eating vegetarians or those with religious dietary restrictions. It is the combination you want and only Norwegian Gold can deliver.

The Renew Life Difference

  • The #1 digestive care and cleansing company in North America offering therapeutic strength natural health products
  • FREE from unnecessary binders, fillers and excipients like magnesium stearate
  • FREE of gluten, wheat, corn, yeast, additives and preservatives
  • FREE of harsh ingredients and purgative laxatives
  • All ingredients are NON-GMO