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To understand what makes Renew Life a special company, one must first know the story of Brenda Watson, who founded Renew Life in 1997. Suffering from poor health and chronic aliments, Brenda began her journey towards better health by embracing the philosophies of Bernard Jensen (a holistic nutritionist and pioneer in the health field). She quickly realized that through cleansing and proper dietary choices, her health was improving for the better.

With her health improved, Brenda began to study colon hydrotherapy. It is here she began to understand how widespread constipation truly is. She was also able to experience first hand, how alleviating constipation could dramatically improve people’s health. Brenda became a certified colon therapist and went on to become president of the International Association of Colon Therapists (I-ACT) from 1999 to 2005. During this time, Brenda worked tirelessly to make colon hydrotherapy a respected medical discipline.

In 1996, Brenda started the Renew Life School of Natural Therapies to teach medical professionals the processes and benefits of colon hydrotherapy. This school is certifying natural medical practitioners and medical doctors from all over the world in colon hydrotherapy and detoxification.

During her years of clinical work with a holistic practitioner specializing in cancer, Brenda organized and educated patients on the benefits of nutrition programs for general wellness.

Wishing to spread her message of good health, and have a positive impact on a greater number of people, Brenda started Renew Life in 1997 focusing on digestive care and cleansing. Brenda wanted Renew Life to be a special company, different from all others. She quickly went to work formulating natural health products that would have an undeniable impact on people’s health. She wanted to make available products that not only worked well, but were free of excipients and other unnecessary ingredients.

By formulating products that were made available in natural health stores, Brenda found that she was able to educate and inform more people, as well as provide the public with easy access to safe and effective products that would improve their health.

Always improving, Brenda Watson became a naturopathic doctor in 2004. The knowledge gained by doing this was invaluable, as it gave her additional education to draw from and allowed her to better educate and formulate. Further, as a naturopathic doctor, Brenda has been able to reach a more mainstream audience with numerous appearances on national radio and TV shows, the most recent being a successful 3 part health series on PBS.

Today, Renew Life has become one of the most well respected natural health companies in North America. By specializing in digestive care and cleansing, we have been able to inform, educate and have a profound impact of millions of people’s health. Brenda Watson continues to educate, formulate and help improve the lives of people throughout the world.

Everyone who works at Renew Life shares this vision and works to the utmost of their abilities to make Brenda’s vision of health a reality.

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